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Geotab introduces privacy mode for personal trips

Date: 31 May 2018   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Telematics firm Geotab has introduced a new privacy mode allowing drivers to turn off tracking when using a business vehicle on personal time.

The mode allows drivers and managers to temporarily shield vehicle tracking within their MyGeotab app. 

When the feature is turned on, features that use GPS such as position, trips and speed profiles are not displayed.

The firm says this provides drivers who are allowed to use business vehicles on personal time the ability to distinguish between trips and, as a result, manage their privacy accordingly.

The feature can be set to turn on automatically during a specific time of day or when the vehicle is in a specific location, or can be switched on manually.

Geotab CEO Neil Cawse said: "Data privacy continues to make its way higher up on the priority list for fleet managers.

"Geotab's new privacy mode feature provides fleet managers with another level of customisation for their telematics solution without limiting the richness and utility of the data available to them." 

The launch of privacy mode comes hot on the heels of the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Cawse added: "With effective data management top of mind, it will become increasingly important for organisations to consider what and how data is being collected and processed, and who it is collected from.

"Obtaining the proper consent or establishing the legitimacy of data collection or processing are critical components of GDPR compliance."



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