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Fleets warned over pothole risk as insurance claims rise

Date: 29 May 2018   |   Author: Sean Keywood

Fleet managers should issue advice to their drivers on avoiding potholes to prevent downtime and vehicle damage.

That's according to the AA, which has published data showing the number of pothole insurance claims for the first four months of 2018 already equals those from the whole of last year, with an average repair bill of £1,000.

The motoring organisation says potholes can cause significant issues for fleet managers due to the breakdown threat they pose, while repair costs for damage caused when drivers encounter them can be high. 

AA director of fleet and SME services Stuart Thomas said: "Typically, fleet drivers clock up more miles each year than the average driver, due to the distances they cover across the UK.

"Equally, they are more likely to encounter potholes on unfamiliar routes."

Thomas said that in the future connected car technology would alert drivers to potential route hazards, something the AA is looking to develop through its Car Genie product. 

In the meantime, fleets should share driving safety tips with drivers.

Thomas said: "Keep your distance from cars in front, in case they swerve or brake suddenly due to a pothole. 

"This will give you a clear view of the road surface ahead. If you see a pothole, slow down and steer to avoid driving over it if possible.

"Don't swerve suddenly or brake sharply, as you could find yourself causing a bigger accident." 

The AA recently launched a campaign - Flag It, Fund It, Fill It - encouraging members of the public to photograph and report potholes, and also wrote to the Chancellor of the Exchequer calling for more funds to fix potholes across the UK.




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