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Latest Techies 2010

Date: 24 Aug 10

granitekitchen Techies 2010: The winners

Date: 24 Aug 10

Techies 2010 - Best Car Safety System: Volvo - Pedestrian Detection with Full Autobrake

Car safety, alongside environmental considerations, is at the forefront of manufacturers' minds, particularly with safety rating outfit Euro NCAP intr...

Date: 24 Aug 10

Techies 2010 - Best Risk Management System: E-Training World - E-Training World

E-Training World's retention of the Best Risk Management System award illustrates the company's excellence in this sector.

Date: 24 Aug 10

Techies 2010 - Best Telematics System: ALD Automotive ProFleet2

In this ever-growing market sector, ALD Automotive's telematics system stood apart among the Techies entries. ProFleet2, which launched in 2004, is in...

Date: 24 Aug 10

Techies 2010 - Best Hand-Held Satnav System: Trafficmaster Trafficmaster Companion

It's a repeat victory for Trafficmaster in 2010, with its Companion suite of products proving how quickly the firm can move to meet market needs.

Date: 24 Aug 10

Techies 2010 - Best Remarketing System: Manheim Remarketing Multi-Channel Remarketing Website

The world of remarketing has needed to move quickly with the times, to ensure customers can not only take part in the auction rooms but also online. M...

Date: 24 Aug 10

Techies 2010 - Best Green Development, Manufacturers: Fiat Eco:Drive Fleet

Launched in March, Fiat's Eco:Drive Fleet tool monitors both consumption and emissions, and can deliver up to 15% savings in both, according to the ma...

Date: 24 Aug 10

Techies 2010 - Best Green Development, Suppliers: ING Car Lease GreenCare

One-click benchmarking of an individual firm's fleet against the best and the average is one of the main reasons ING has picked up the Green Developme...

Date: 24 Aug 10

Techies 2010 - Best Servicing, Maintenance and Repair System: Auto Windscreens Chip Checker

Auto Windscreens, last year's runner-up in this category, has snatched the SMR Techies award from the 2009 winner Epyx with a new development called C...

Date: 24 Aug 10

Techies 2010 - Best Daily Rental System: Leasedrive Velo Rental:Manager

It's two wins in successive years for Leasedrive Velo's Rental:Manager, which continues to demonstrate that it's the best in daily rental systems.

Date: 24 Aug 10

Techies 2010 - Best Fleet Management System: Inchcape Fleet Solutions Bespoke Extranet with E-Quotes Tool

Inchcape Fleet Solutions was the most impressive entry in the popular fleet management category. The company's clients use its fleet management softwa...

Date: 15 Jun 10

granitekitchen Techies Awards 2010

After the success of the inaugural granitekitchen Techies last year, granitekitchen is pleased to announce the launch of the 2010 Techies.

Date: 15 Jun 09

granitekitchen Techies 2010: fleet technology awards launched