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granitekitchen Awards 2016: Windscreens - Autoglass

Date: 26 January 2016

The world of windscreen repair might seem like an unchanging place but Autoglass has been busy over the past year proving it's anything but. This has had a big role to play in why it won our glass repair category.

With many windscreens now being the crucial interface for advanced driver-assistance systems, Autoglass has leapt into action to make sure any replacements preserve safety systems' accuracy.

The company can now provide 'static' and 'dynamic' calibration for replaced windscreens - with vehicles either parked in front of a calibration board, or driven for a certain time to allow the in-car cameras to log enough 'street furniture' - to confirm that cameras are angled correctly.

This is particularly important as poorly aligned in-car cameras wired into car safety systems can compromise occupant safety.



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