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Latest 2016

Date: 15 Dec 16

Shaun Sadlier's blog - 15 December: Driverless vehicles

Recently, I was chatting with some friends and the subject of autonomous technology came up. We had a long and interesting conversation about its pros...

Date: 14 Dec 16

Kevin O'Keeffe's blog: 14 November - Shining a light on winter driving

A new study claims the danger of a road accident increases by 30% for motorists driving between 5pm and 8pm, in the month following the clocks going b...

Date: 06 Dec 16

Lee Wolstenholme's blog: 6 December - A 'Nice' try - but the same old debates will perpetuate

While some view the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence's (Nice) very existence with cynicism, the motoring guidelines the body has just...

Date: 01 Dec 16

Lee Wolstenholme's blog: 1 December - The Christmas lights are switched on, but are yours?

Fully autonomous cars won't become the norm for a good while yet, due to factors such as legislation, infrastructure, insurance and cost, but plenty o...

Date: 01 Dec 16

Shaun Sadlier's blog - 24 November: Extreme delivery targets compromises safety

If, like me, you're not an enthusiastic devotee of the retail experience, then the development of online home shopping has probably been something of ...

Date: 28 Nov 16

Joe Howick's blog: 28 November - Avoid the 'morning after' drink driving risk this Christmas

With December just around corner the festive party season is about to kick-off, along with the increased risk of drink-driving.

Date: 22 Nov 16

Penny Searles' blog - 22 November: Robo-bullying; The Problem with driverless cars

Recently in the press there were reports that the first wave of driverless cars in the UK will be left unmarked out of fear that other road users will...

Date: 21 Nov 16

Simon Henstock's blog: 21 November - The motor industry goes mobile when sourcing stock

Like nearly every industry sector, the motor trade is increasingly reliant on mobile devices as a business enabler. 

Date: 17 Nov 16

Graham Hurdle's blog: 17 November - Posthumous whole life costs could pinpoint where the problems lie

Whole life costs, which include a vehicle's depreciation, service, maintenance and repair, fuel and road fund tax, are commonplace in establishing com...

Date: 16 Nov 16

Lee Wolstenholme's blog: 16 November - Brake's Pledge is particularly apt now winter is here

Promoted by Brake, Road Safety Week is an excellent initiative aiming to change driver and passenger behaviour to make communities safer. This year th...

Date: 14 Nov 16

Ashley Sowerby's blog: 14 November - Tesla ownership update

Regular readers will recall that I have promised to write regular updates on driving for business with my electric company vehicle, the Tesla Model S.

Date: 10 Nov 16

Nick Walker's blog: 10 November - Don't DIY for telematics

Telematics is a fast-growing area right now, with more and more businesses and fleet managers seeing the benefits of investing in the technology, whic...

Date: 08 Nov 16

Colin O'Keefe's blog: 8 November - It's on my to do list

The saying goes.don't put off tomorrow what you can do today.and checking your employees' licenses' should definitely be on the top of the list.

Date: 03 Nov 16

Graham Hurdle's blog: 3 November - Raise the motorway speed limit? Or raise awareness of safe stopping distances?

Nine out of ten (88%) company car drivers admit to speeding on motorways, according to research, which represents a 7% increase on figures from last y...

Date: 02 Nov 16

Ashley Sowerby's blog: 2 November - useful tech

At Chevin, we are greatly focused on technology as something that can minimise fleet running costs, increase utilisation and enhance safety.

Date: 01 Nov 16

Shaun Sadlier's blog - 1 November: A different animal

We have many customers who operate a mixed fleet of vehicles - cars and vans. Even for business fleets predominantly made up of cars, there is often a...

Date: 27 Oct 16

Joe Howick's blog: 27 October - Driver education is key to reducing rental damage charges

Joe Howick lists several tips fleet managers should pass on to their drivers in the battle against damage costs

Date: 24 Oct 16

Kevin O'Keeffe's blog: 24 October - Watch out for grey fleet 'creep'

According to figures from the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association, grey fleet usage is rising in the UK. 

Date: 18 Oct 16

Lee Wolstenholme's blog: 18 October - Tips for fleet drivers as winter approaches

Fleet managers are under the cosh these days, their roles having become increasingly complex with issues like diesel particulate filters and emissions...

Date: 17 Oct 16

Richard Hipkiss' blog - 17 October: Tackling the SME knowledge gap

Leasing companies, brokers, dealers and fleet management companies are increasingly competing for SME customers, with differing propositions, sales ta...

More 2016

Date: 13 Oct 16

Colin O'Keefe's blog: 13 October - Licensed to drive?

Date: 12 Oct 16

Andrew Brown-Allan's blog - 12 October: Paris points to exciting future

Date: 11 Oct 16

Penny Searles' blog - 11 October: Are we failing young drivers?

Date: 4 Oct 16

Glass's granitekitchen Used Car Spotlight - October 2016

Date: 3 Oct 16

Graham Hurdle's blog: 3 October - Are drivers playing Russian Roulette at work?

Date: 27 Sep 16

Shaun Sadlier's blog - 17 September: A gradual transition

Date: 26 Sep 16

Ashley Sowerby's blog: 26 September - talking tax

Date: 22 Sep 16

Nick Walker's blog: 22 September - A great leap forward in telematics for business

Date: 21 Sep 16

Matt Dyer's blog: 21 September - Preparing your fleet for change

Date: 20 Sep 16

Paul Barker's blog - 20 September: Too much power to the people?

Date: 19 Sep 16

Colin O'Keefe's blog: 19 September - Driver licence checking - what you need to know

Date: 15 Sep 16

Graham Hurdle's blog: 15 September - Extra effort needed as figures show rise in road casualties

Date: 13 Sep 16

Lee Wolstenholme's blog: 13 September - Right car, wrong time. I hope they bring it back.

Date: 12 Sep 16

Shaun Sadlier's blog - 12 September: A longer cycle

Date: 8 Sep 16

Paul Hollick's blog: 8 September - An age of innovation

Date: 7 Sep 16

Andrew Brown-Allan's blog - 7 September: The rise of autonomous humans

Date: 6 Sep 16

Paul Barker's blog - 6 September: The problem with pollution

Date: 24 Aug 16

Penny Searles' blog - 24 August: The Brexit effect and how to escape it

Date: 23 Aug 16

Paul Barker's blog - 23 August: Positive talks

Date: 18 Aug 16

Glass's granitekitchen used car spotlight: August 2016

Date: 15 Aug 16

Richard Hipkiss' blog - 15 August: All that glitters

Date: 11 Aug 16

Ashley Sowerby's blog: 11 August - Taking the EV plunge

Date: 10 Aug 16

Shaun Sadlier's blog - 10 August: The end of an era?

Date: 9 Aug 16

Paul Barker's blog - 9 August: Smoke & mirrors

Date: 8 Aug 16

Lee Wolstenholme's blog: 8 August - Inefficient driving habits are largely unsurprising

Date: 4 Aug 16

Graham Hurdle's blog: 4 August - We can drive safely - we're just choosing not to!

Date: 2 Aug 16

Ashley Sowerby's blog: 2 August - Making commuters accident aware

Date: 1 Aug 16

Graham Hurdle's blog: 1 August - Forget driving abroad, we don't even know our own Highway Code

Date: 27 Jul 16

Lee Wolstenholme's blog: 27 July - I want more ULEV incentives!

Date: 26 Jul 16

Paul Barker's blog - 26 July: Cars shouldn't be a grey area

Date: 25 Jul 16

Shaun Sadlier's blog - 25 July: Not such a leap of faith

Date: 21 Jul 16

Graham Hurdle's blog: 21 July - Is it time to look at Maslow's hierarchy regarding your vehicle fleet?

Date: 13 Jul 16

Glass's granitekitchen used car spotlight: July 2016

Date: 12 Jul 16

Paul Barker's blog - 12 July: NOx and the issue of uncertainty

Date: 30 Jun 16

Graham Hurdle's blog: 28 June - Why do drivers rarely learn from their mistakes?

Date: 30 Jun 16

Simon Henstock's blog: 30 June - Get the remarketing blend right

Date: 27 Jun 16

Nick Walker's blog: 27 June - Driverless cars and telematics go 'hand-in-hand'

Date: 21 Jun 16

Ashley Sowerby's blog: 21 June - Plug in, turn on, head out

Date: 20 Jun 16

Simon Henstock's blog: 20 June - The times they are a-changing

Date: 16 Jun 16

Lee Wolstenholme's blog: 16 June - Fleet managers, company car drivers and mental health

Date: 15 Jun 16

Matt Dyer's blog: 15 June - NO2 emissions: A rising concern

Date: 14 Jun 16

Paul Barker's blog - 14 June: No diesel smoke without fire

Date: 13 Jun 16

Graham Hurdle's blog: 13 June - New research reveals the dangers of hands-free mobile phone calls

Date: 31 May 16

Paul Barker's blog - 31 May: Over-exposed on RVs?

Date: 26 May 16

Lee Wolstenholme's blog: 26 May - Go get 'em, tiger-nose

Date: 24 May 16

Ashley Sowerby's blog: 24 May - What can we learn from NGO fleets?

Date: 19 May 16

Mike Waters' blog: 19 May - Never too old to learn

Date: 16 May 16

Paul Barker's blog - 16 May: Low-key London

Date: 12 May 16

Graham Hurdle's blog: 12 May - Is data protection more important than life protection

Date: 11 May 16

Nick Walker's blog: 11 May - Telematics turns your fleet 'green'

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