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Latest Analysis

Date: 26 Apr 19

Ford speeds up electrification strategy in new model blitz

The manufacturer says that rather than committing to one version of hybrid power, a multi-faceted approach is the best way to meet every driver's requirements. Sean Keywood reports.

Date: 26 Apr 19

REMARKETING: Sign of the times

The earliest recording of an auction was in 500BC, and you could argue that the actual sales process hasn't changed that much since then."

Date: 25 Apr 19

Seat becomes centre of VW Group small EV development

Record profits at Seat have helped it find a new leadership role within Volkswagen Group. Simon Harris reports.

Date: 24 Apr 19

Company cars vital for emissions goals

Rachel Boagey attends the Acfo spring seminar in Gaydon where delegates discuss the future of the company car and its important role in the government's Road to Zero Strategy.

Date: 23 Apr 19

Call for clarity on low-emission zones

A lack of consistency between individual authorities on low-emission zones could make running fleets more difficult. Simon Harris reports.

Date: 17 Apr 19

In Focus: Arval Consultancy

Rewind 20 years and having a fleet consultancy within a leasing company would have been pretty much unheard of. But in more recent times...

Date: 08 Apr 19

What lies beneath

Seeing is believing, so the saying goes, but more than a few of the advanced bits of technology fitted to modern vehicles are next to in...

Date: 08 Apr 19

Fleet profile: Agnes Miller, BAM Construct

This year, BAM Construct is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Going back to its roots, the company was at the forefront of everything y...

Date: 29 Mar 19

Collaboration needed for an electric future

Fleets have been encouraged to work together with the energy sector to unlock the benefits of electric vehicles. Sean Keywood reports.

Date: 28 Mar 19

Report calls for a new plan on road tax

The government needs to rethink motoring taxation to cope with the impact of new technology, a BVRLA-led report has said. Sean Keywood has the details.

Date: 27 Mar 19

Fleets told to be ready to act post-crash

However much fleets work to keep their drivers safe, they should still be prepared for the worst to happen. Sean Keywood reports.

Date: 26 Mar 19

Volatile fuel markets cause fleet cost uncertainty

The price of fuel has a major impact on fleet expenditure - and political factors are making it harder to plan for. Sean Keywood reports.

Date: 26 Mar 19

Geneva show heralds the year of the EV

More electric cars than ever made their debuts at the Geneva motor show this month. Rachel Boagey and Simon Harris report from the show.

Date: 20 Mar 19

Employee productivity could turn fleets on to autonomous cars

Disruptive influences on consumer trends could see fleet priorities shift in future, according to Sophus3. Simon Harris reports.

Date: 08 Mar 19

Volkswagen stakes claim for sector leadership with Passat

The Passat could become the mainstream upper-medium sector's biggest model, reports Simon Harris.

Date: 07 Mar 19

Call for training and policy changes to prevent driver distraction

Cars are now hitting the road with more potential distractions onboard than ever before - and business drivers are most at risk. Sean Keywood reports.

Date: 04 Mar 19

Manufacturer turned mobility provider

Rachel Boagey visits DS at the showroom launch of the DS 3 Crossback to learn about its future ventures, including plans to provide mobility services.

Date: 01 Mar 19

Fleet managers sway towards ULEVs

Attendees at a clean air conference are keen on introducing ultra-low emission vehicles as options on their fleets. Rachel Boagey investigates.

Date: 28 Feb 19

Fleet appetite for EVs increasing

Research commissioned by Kia has found that fleets are warming to the idea of EVs, but some obstacles remain. Simon Harris reports.

Date: 28 Feb 19

ADAS puts windscreen repair in focus

Fleets could risk the safety of their drivers and face hefty end-of-life costs if modern car windscreen replacement is not done properly. Sean Keywood reports.

More Analysis

Date: 27 Feb 19

Preventing fuel card fraud using telematics

Date: 27 Feb 19

Industry calls for AFRs to move with the times

Date: 26 Feb 19

Government could set back own green strategy, warns fleet industry

Date: 20 Feb 19

Securing the fleet

Date: 12 Feb 19

Man versus machine

Date: 12 Feb 19

Adblue: The essential additive

Date: 30 Jan 19

Call to seize advantages of MAAS

Date: 30 Jan 19

Alfa Romeo reveals technical secrets

Date: 30 Jan 19

Plea to protect safety during cost cutting schemes

Date: 29 Jan 19

PCP boom leads to maintenance concerns

Date: 28 Jan 19

Slow progress for EVs among BVRLA's 2019 predictions

Date: 25 Jan 19

Lexus pursues hybrid theory

Date: 24 Jan 19

Fleet profile: Swansea University

Date: 24 Jan 19

Dual-purpose LCVs death knell for MPVs

Date: 23 Jan 19

Remarketing group targets growth on opening of new site

Date: 23 Jan 19

Industry urges support for clean engine technology

Date: 22 Jan 19

NGMC lays out roadmap for EVs

Date: 19 Dec 18

Remarketing: Euro fever

Date: 18 Dec 18

Under the Microscope: We talk to Marc Lafferty, Edam Group's chief revenue officer

Date: 13 Dec 18

A promising connection

Date: 13 Dec 18

If you want more EVs, don't ditch diesel (yet)

Date: 13 Dec 18

Two-year leases answer to lack of tax clarity

Date: 11 Dec 18

Range Rover Evoque goes hybrid

Date: 11 Dec 18

'Perfect storm' approaches for fleets in 2019

Date: 3 Dec 18

Under the Microscope: We speak to Ross Moorlock, Brake's business development director

Date: 29 Nov 18

EV test drives confirmed at our conference

Date: 29 Nov 18

Call for AEB to be standardised

Date: 27 Nov 18

Mitsubishi unveils future alliance and model plans

Date: 21 Nov 18

Under the Microscope: We talk to Marc Samuel, Honda's fleet sales operations manager

Date: 21 Nov 18

Fleet's digital top 10

Date: 21 Nov 18

Fuelling the future

Date: 16 Nov 18

Conference to reveal fleet research

Date: 16 Nov 18

Korean brand courts fleets ahead of new products

Date: 13 Nov 18

VW T-Cross aims to impress

Date: 13 Nov 18

Fleets focus on April 2019 after bare Budget statement

Date: 13 Nov 18

Techies 2018: The winners

Date: 7 Nov 18

Green mobility in focus at our conference

Date: 6 Nov 18

Addison Lee to bring autonomous taxis to London by 2021

Date: 6 Nov 18

WLTP introduction hailed as managers' time to shine

Date: 5 Nov 18

Getting to grips with stress

Date: 5 Nov 18

Training day

Date: 2 Nov 18

Under the Microscope: We talk to IAM Roadsmart's Tony Greenidge

Date: 29 Oct 18

Ta decisions

Date: 29 Oct 18

REMARKETING: The last leg

Date: 29 Oct 18

Under the Microscope: We talk to Ford's fleet director, Owen Gregory

Date: 24 Oct 18

Under the Microscope: We talk to Martin Evans, Jaama's managing director

Date: 22 Oct 18

Fleet funding for uncertain times

Date: 18 Oct 18

Electric vehicle data service to broaden reach

Date: 17 Oct 18

Audi sets out its zero-emission future

Date: 16 Oct 18

Tackling the low-emission challenge