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Latest Analysis

Date: 19 Dec 18

Remarketing: Euro fever

It's fair to say the vehicle auction industry has had a pretty good run of it lately. Excepting the usual seasonal factors, cars are boo...

Date: 18 Dec 18

Under the Microscope: We talk to Marc Lafferty, Edam Group's chief revenue officer

Founded 15 years ago by two brothers with a fleet of four cars, Edam Group has grown significantly since then.

Date: 13 Dec 18

A promising connection

A new study by Ford shows how connected vehicles could lead to a brighter and smarter future on our roads. Sean Keywood reports.

Date: 13 Dec 18

If you want more EVs, don't ditch diesel (yet)

Chargemaster's head of strategy Tom Callow has a candid and exclusive chat with Guy Bird on EV investment, charging point expansion plans and why ditching diesels today won't bring an EV revolution tomorrow.

Date: 13 Dec 18

Two-year leases answer to lack of tax clarity

Despite high hopes for information in the latest Budget, fleets are still in the dark about company car taxation after 2021, but one management specialist thinks two-year leases are the answer for now. Jack Carfrae reports.

Date: 11 Dec 18

Range Rover Evoque goes hybrid

An all-new version of the trendy SUV is turning to electrification in a bid to woo fleets, as Sean Keywood discovered.

Date: 11 Dec 18

'Perfect storm' approaches for fleets in 2019

Supply issues affecting new cars are expected to fade in 2019, but WLTP could yet be hiding some nasty surprises for fleets. Simon Harris reports from the VRA seminar.

Date: 03 Dec 18

Under the Microscope: We speak to Ross Moorlock, Brake's business development director

Road safety charity Brake was founded in 1995 as a fleet safety campaign. Its roots are therefore tied to work-related road risk and fle...

Date: 29 Nov 18

EV test drives confirmed at our conference

Delegates will be able to try plug-in cars and vans for themselves following the presentations. Simon Harris reports.

Date: 29 Nov 18

Call for AEB to be standardised

Automated emergency braking should be standard on all vehicles, according to the director of Ansible Motion. Simon Harris finds out more.

Date: 27 Nov 18

Mitsubishi unveils future alliance and model plans

At the unveiling of the L200 in Bangkok, Mitsubishi's COO talks about the brand's future direction. Rachel Boagey reports

Date: 21 Nov 18

Under the Microscope: We talk to Marc Samuel, Honda's fleet sales operations manager

Almost everyone has heard of Honda. In fact, the brand is the 21st most recognisable in the world. But in the fleet industry, Honda wasn...

Date: 21 Nov 18

Fleet's digital top 10

Digital shelf lives are up there with dairy products, as it doesn't take long for anything on the internet to go...

Date: 21 Nov 18

Fuelling the future

Fluctuating costs and the unpredictability of Brexit mean fleet managers are constantly under pressure to take control of their budgets....

Date: 16 Nov 18

Conference to reveal fleet research

The AA will expand on findings of a major report with BT Fleet at the NGMC. Simon Harris reports.

Date: 16 Nov 18

Korean brand courts fleets ahead of new products

SsangYong is planning to increase its presence in the fleet sector in 2019. Simon Harris reports.

Date: 13 Nov 18

VW T-Cross aims to impress

The new baby SUV has been designed to appeal to drivers with style and space. Sean Keywood reports.

Date: 13 Nov 18

Fleets focus on April 2019 after bare Budget statement

Limited news for fleets in chancellor's statement caused consternation in the fleet sector. Simon Harris reports.

Date: 13 Nov 18

Techies 2018: The winners

The granitekitchen Fleet Technology Awards - otherwise known as the Techies - are back for 2018. Now in their tenth year, ...

Date: 07 Nov 18

Green mobility in focus at our conference

Speakers at the National Green Mobility Conference can aid the switch to electric. Simon Harris reports.

More Analysis

Date: 6 Nov 18

Addison Lee to bring autonomous taxis to London by 2021

Date: 6 Nov 18

WLTP introduction hailed as managers' time to shine

Date: 5 Nov 18

Getting to grips with stress

Date: 5 Nov 18

Training day

Date: 2 Nov 18

Under the Microscope: We talk to IAM Roadsmart's Tony Greenidge

Date: 29 Oct 18

Ta decisions

Date: 29 Oct 18

REMARKETING: The last leg

Date: 29 Oct 18

Under the Microscope: We talk to Ford's fleet director, Owen Gregory

Date: 24 Oct 18

Under the Microscope: We talk to Martin Evans, Jaama's managing director

Date: 22 Oct 18

Fleet funding for uncertain times

Date: 18 Oct 18

Electric vehicle data service to broaden reach

Date: 17 Oct 18

Audi sets out its zero-emission future

Date: 16 Oct 18

Tackling the low-emission challenge

Date: 5 Oct 18

Style-conscious hatchback drivers, form a queue here

Date: 4 Oct 18

Youth movement towards mobility

Date: 3 Oct 18

Seat remains committed to combustion engines

Date: 2 Oct 18

Getting up close to Mercedes' first serious EV

Date: 25 Sep 18

Reducing your paper mountain

Date: 20 Sep 18

Digital tie-up aims to replace vehicles before end of lease

Date: 18 Sep 18

City slicker

Date: 18 Sep 18

All or nothing

Date: 10 Sep 18

Government bungles electric van licence initiative

Date: 6 Sep 18

Electric versus hydrogen: which will prevail?

Date: 5 Sep 18

Future of company cars secure despite WLTP, according to Alphabet

Date: 5 Sep 18

Playing the safety game

Date: 4 Sep 18

Leaseplan begins consumer used car sales

Date: 4 Sep 18

VW grabs a share of the future

Date: 28 Aug 18

The way we were

Date: 27 Aug 18

Accident management: More than metal

Date: 24 Aug 18

BC explains: Headlights

Date: 24 Aug 18

Hire or lower?

Date: 24 Aug 18

Under the Microscope: We speak to Mitsubishi's MD and head of corporate sales

Date: 24 Aug 18

Alphabet aims to answer fleets' big questions

Date: 23 Aug 18

Under the Microscope: We speak to James Taylor, Vauxhall's fleet sales & marketing director

Date: 23 Aug 18

Chevin white paper offers fuel for thought

Date: 21 Aug 18

Plug-in AFRs do not go far enough, ACFO says

Date: 21 Aug 18

Fleets boost new car market amid continued diesel gloom

Date: 13 Aug 18

Driving towards better mental health

Date: 10 Aug 18

Remarketing: Cracking first half

Date: 10 Aug 18

Reforms proposed to support EV revolution

Date: 9 Aug 18

A vision for safety

Date: 8 Aug 18

Call to consider real-world data to identify cleanest cars

Date: 7 Aug 18

WLTP warning for fleets

Date: 7 Aug 18

App promises fleet fuel revolution

Date: 2 Aug 18

Safety tech upsides versus crash repair downsides

Date: 1 Aug 18

ZipCar's EV vision demands more from TfL

Date: 26 Jul 18

Mercedes' new power play

Date: 25 Jul 18

New Auto Trader platform to offer direct-to-trade sales

Date: 20 Jul 18

granitekitchen explains: Smart charging

Date: 18 Jul 18

EVs heading for the mainstream